What supplements do I buy? Complete guide with description, what it is for and how it is used.

It is common that sometimes one walks with extra money and really would like to stick "a flood" using nutritional supplements.But the questions are which one or which ones to use?How do I use them?Can they be combined?
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Before writing this, it is necessary that the reader understands two very important rules:
A) - Food supplements are not magic, they will not make us the type of magazine with 8 crunches nor will we brutally accelerate the desired goal.They are expensive products and are nothing more than complements to the solid diet that one must deal daily.Do you still want to use them?
B) - There are a lot of supplements on the market.Today there is everything and they promise you the sky, the sea and the land.The sad reality is that only a few of them actually work, while the others are 80% marketing, 10% placebo effect (self-convincing) and 10% tangible results.
It should be kept in mind that food supplement companies obviously prof…